Houston, TX Body Contouring Treatments

Do you want to look your best when the weather determines fewer layers of clothing? In the warm and humid climate of Southeast Texas, it’s vital to keep your body slender and lean. But once you’re at your healthy weight and excess fat pads and bulges persist, what then?

M Spa Face and Body offers non-surgical body sculpting treatments designed to keep you lean and fit looking without anesthesia, incisions, or downtime. Discover how our body treatment therapies can have you looking more fit in no time.

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CoolSculpting permanently reduces fat cells from problem areas on your body where fat pads persist. This non-invasive treatment uses fat-freezing technology to help resolve stubborn fat not responding to diet and exercise. The convenient and comfortable procedure employs the technology of cryolipolysis to freeze away stubborn fat cells without surgery. Improvement is visible after a few weeks and continues for up to four to six months.

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Are you struggling to achieve the body you want? Regardless of your diet and exercise routine, you still fall short with stubborn fat in certain areas. You want a sleek and toned physique, but your body just doesn’t cooperate. CoolTone therapy is a treatment option to reduce visible fat by toning muscles and tightening skin. In Webster, Texas, M Spa Face and Body offers CoolTone for our patients who aim to increase self-confidence with stronger muscle tissue and great body contours.

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If you would like more information about CoolSculpting and CoolTone, don’t hesitate to call 281.886.7006 for an appointment or schedule a consultation online.