Botox® and Dysport® are some of the most widely known rejuvenation treatments here in the Clear Lake area and worldwide—and for good reason. These advanced injectables have helped millions of people achieve subtle, natural rejuvenation with their ingenious treatment.

Both Botox and Dysport essentially work by targeting expression lines, which are the signs of aging that form due to decades of repeated facial movements. With Botox and Dysport, frustrating signs of aging like crow’s feet, laugh lines, and frown lines can be softened for a younger, more refreshed look. Botox and Dysport are versatile enough to provide patients of all skin tones with the chance to target fine lines and wrinkles and defy signs of aging.

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How Do Botox and Dysport Work?

Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators, meaning they work by disrupting how certain facial muscles respond to nerve signals from the brain. To help soften and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, Botox and Dysport perpetually relax the facial muscles that cause expression lines. Once Botox and Dysport take effect, patients can enjoy a smoother, more youthful, and relaxed look.

Xeomin: The Naked Injectable

Xeomin (pronounced zeo-min) is another powerful botulinum type A drug on the market. It was FDA-approved in 2010 and explicitly targets frown lines. Frown lines are the wrinkles and folds that form on the forehead and between the eyebrows caused by constant squinting or frowning. These wrinkles often extend to the eyes and can be referred to as Crow’s Feet. By injecting a set amount of Xeomin around these areas, women and men alike can enjoy smoother, wrinkle-free skin for several months.

The formulation of Xeomin is slightly different than the formation of Botox and Dysport, as it doesn’t contain any additives or require refrigeration. The toxin botulinum has been kept in its purest form. Unlike Botox or Dysport, which contain accessory proteins, Xeomin is designed to deliver the toxin without any protein additives. This purified structure may help to prevent antibody resistance or allergic reactions.

Why Choose M Spa Face & Body for Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin Injections in Webster, TX?

While M Spa Face & Body prides itself on offering patients a diverse array of options, having the right person perform the procedure is a more important factor for creating breathtaking results. There are dozens of different facial muscles in the face, and it takes incredible skill and precision to target the right ones. More importantly, it requires an expert injector to make sure the treatment is done in a way that creates long-lasting, yet natural results.

At M Spa Face & Body, we want our patients to have the best product for their concerns, but more importantly, we want them to have the results that are just right for them. We understand that our patients are entrusting us with their care, which is why we take great pains to ensure our patients feel safe and secure; while other practices rely on a physician that merely oversees their procedures off-site, we’re one of the few practices in the area that perform our Botox injections and Dysport procedures with experienced licensed providers. With M Spa Face & Body, you can rest assured that your Botox injections results will look as natural and balanced as possible.

What’s the Difference Between Botox and Dysport?

Botox and Dysport are more alike than they’re different. One important distinction is that Dysport’s molecules are somewhat smaller than Botox’s; that smaller size allows the Dysport molecules to spread a bit farther than larger Botox molecules. Because it spreads farther, Dysport is optimal for specific areas on the face. Dysport also tends to work a day or two faster than Botox. Depending on the patient, Botox’s results might last a bit longer than Dysport’s.

The Procedure for Botox and Dysport

One of the most remarkable things about Botox and Dysport is the fact that they’re unbelievably safe and convenient. Because they’re injectables, our Botox patients in Clear Lake can enjoy their results with absolutely no downtime and no recovery period. Patients can even return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. You can truly have a safe, simple, and relatively pain-free treatment that takes less time than a lunch break to perform.

After thoroughly analyzing your unique facial features, M Spa Face & Body will create a customized treatment plan created especially for you. On the day of your Botox and Dysport treatment, you can choose to have the treatment areas numbed to minimize any discomfort; however, many patients report their Botox and Dysport treatments as being relatively painless. The number of shots delivered during any given procedure will depend on a variety of factors like the treatment area and the severity of the wrinkles being treated.

When Will I See My Botox and Dysport Results? What About Side Effects?

While it might take a week for their full results to appear, Botox and Dysport’s results will last an amazing 3-4 months. Of course, this will all depend on the patient and how they react to the treatment. Some of our Botox patients experience small side effects like bruising, swelling, and soreness in the treatment areas, but these small side effects should disappear after a week.

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Botox FAQs

Yes! Both formulas have undergone extensive testing and safety protocols to ensure they are safe for cosmetic use. Both Dysport and Botox are FDA approved for cosmetic use in most healthy adult patients. We recommend that patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have certain neurological diseases explore alternative facial rejuvenation options for added safety. To learn if Botox injections in Webster are safe for you, please schedule a consultation with our experts.
Botox and Dysport are not only minimally invasive. They also act quickly – meaning faster results. Depending on the treatment area and the amount of Botox or Dysport used, patients can see noticeable results within three to five days of treatment. By two weeks following your injection, most patients are enjoying their final results.
A few factors determine how long your Botox or Dysport treatment will last, including the depth of wrinkles, how much of the product is used, and how quickly your body metabolizes the injection. On average, most individuals enjoy between three to five months with their improved appearance. Our Webster medical professionals recommend scheduling routine touch-up appointments at the three-month mark to make the results last even longer.
Like any other cosmetic treatment, the consultation visit is the first and most important step. During this appointment, our licensed professionals will conduct an in-depth assessment of the treatment area to determine which injection will best suit your needs and help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Typically, we recommend patients new to injections or those targeting smaller treatment areas use Botox. For individuals who’ve developed an immunity to Botox or who want to address wrinkles across a larger area, we recommend Dysport injections. To learn if Botox or Dysport in Clear Lake City are right for you, please call our team today.