Double chins can be extremely unsightly; not only will they age you, but they can also ruin what was once a sleek, contoured profile and make you look much more overweight than you really are.


If you’ve suffered from a double chin for a long time, then you know what it’s like to try countless topical creams and neck exercises, only to realize that these treatments are completely ineffective. It’s why M Spa Face and Body is proud to offer Kybella® in Clear Lake, the very first prescription drug for double chin removal. With a few quick injections, Kybella® can eliminate submental fullness, also known as a double chin, and give you a sleeker, more alluring jawline. With Kybella®, patients can finally achieve long-lasting results without having to resort to surgery since Kybella®’s results are completely permanent. Kybella® treats submental fullness, also known as a double chin, by burning up the fat cells under the chin. Once those cells have been burned up, they’re naturally processed and removed by the body—never to return.

Those seeking Kybella® in Clear Lake choose M Spa Face and Body because we perform our innovative treatments with an eye towards safety, the patient’s comfort, and natural results.  With M Spa Face and Body’s Kybella® treatment, you’ll finally be able to have a real solution for one of the most frustrating facial flaws ever. With Kybella®, you can look younger, slimmer, and more attractive without ever needing a single incision or stitch.

Your Kybella® Procedure

Kybella® in Clear Lake’s M Spa Face and Body only takes around 15-30 minutes to perform. Patients typically have a Kybella® regimen that’s made up of 2-4 treatments spread out over a few months. But once those series of treatments are over, you will be able to enjoy a permanently more contoured and alluring jawline.

Your Recovery from Kybella

Kybella® is completely nonsurgical, so there will be no painful recovery or healing from deep incisions. In fact, Kybella® is what’s known as a “lunchtime treatment” because patients can get the treatment and still have enough time to go back to work or their daily activities. Patients can return to daily activities immediately after their treatment, but it’s highly advised that patients avoid exercising for the first 24 hours after the treatment. All patients do experience side effects like swelling or soreness for up to a week after the treatment, but once the side effects fade, patients should see a sleeker, more defined neckline.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kybella® – Clear Lake

Curious about how Kybella® works? We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about Kybella® below:

Kybella® is FDA-cleared for nonsurgical double chin removal—that means that it’s proven itself to be incredibly safe and effective for its intended use. Kybella® is completely nonsurgical, so you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits without a long or painful recovery period.
Patients who have submental fullness and want double chin removal without surgery are perfect candidates for Kybella®. Kybella® can work on patients of all skin tones and skin types over the age of 18. Patients who have an infection in the treatment area should not receive Kybella®.

Of course, to prevent the formation of sagging skin on the neck like the “turkey neck,” it’s highly recommended that you have great skin elasticity if you undergo Kybella®.

Some people have a combination of heavy banding on the neck along with a double chin; while Kybella® is incredibly effective for double chin removal, it won’t have an effect on heavy banding on the neck, which is caused by sagging muscles on the neck. For heavy bands on the neck or sagging skin, a surgical option might be more appropriate.
Kybella® eliminates fat cells by burning them up, processing the waste, and then flushing out the waste using natural processes. Once the cells have been eliminated, they can’t come back—even if you gain weight. Of course, some fat cells will remain after treatment, and these will expand if you gain significant weight. However, since there are less fat cells in the submental area, the degree of submental fullness will be vastly lesser than before the Kybella® treatment.
Kybella® has been used off-label for stubborn areas of fat like armpit fat, back fat, bra bulges, fat in the inner knee, and pouches of fat underneath the buttocks.