Laser Hair Removal

Having smooth, hairless skin feels amazing, and so many of us put up with endless, painful, and frustrating hair removal methods just to have that immaculate skin. It’s easy to see why so many of our patients seek a way to finally dispense with their inconvenient hair removal routine, and with laser hair removal, you finally can.

With M Spa Face and Body’s laser hair removal, you can also treat pesky ingrown hairs, allowing you to reduce irritated bumps and enjoy smoother skin. Because of its unique capabilities, our Aerolase laser system can provide excellent clearance with long-lasting results.

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Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation

What exactly happens during aging? As we age, the production of a protein in our skin called collagen starts to slow down. Since collagen is one of the most important proteins responsible for our skin’s elasticity, our skin starts to sag and lose definition. As it becomes increasingly fragile, our skin starts to fold into deep wrinkles and looks puffy and bloated. With laser skin tightening and laser skin rejuvenation, you can achieve a naturally refreshed and rejuvenated look. You won’t ever have to worry about looking tight or “windblown.”

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