A full head of hair is tied so closely to a person’s sense of allure and identity that hair loss can have drastic consequences. Of course, millions of people all over the country suffer from hair loss, but real treatments seem few and far and between. What’s worse is that the few alternatives that exist demand an invasive procedure with a long recovery.

For those seeking a new way to regain their identity and confidence, M Spa Face and Body offers a new way to stop or slow down hair loss using the body’s own regenerative processes. M Spa Face and Body is proud to provide PRF for Hair Loss (platelet rich fibrin), an innovative new treatment that allows patients to have natural hair restoration with no downtime and no recovery.

Hair Restoration With PRF

Hair loss is prevalent among men and women of all ages. Since your confidence and sense of attractiveness have such a close connection with your appearance, it’s understandable that early-onset hair loss can lead to a dramatic drop in your self-esteem. While plenty of remedies claim to help hair grow back stronger – like gimmicky gummy bears, expensive shampoos, and vitamins – very few of these produce results.

For patients seeking a new way to restore their gorgeous locks and regain their confidence, M Spa Face & Body offers a new, non-surgical hair restoration treatment using your body’s regenerative process. Platelet-rich fibrins for hair loss represent an innovative new treatment that allows patients to have natural hair restoration with no downtime or recovery.

How Does PRF Hair Loss Treatment Work?

Thinning hair and baldness occur when the hair follicles stop producing healthy hair shafts. This phenomenon can be due to age, genetics, pregnancy, specific medications, nutritional deficiencies, or even some underlying health issue or disease. PRF uses plasma extracted from the patient’s blood that contains concentrated levels of “regenerative factors” like stem cells and fibrins, which work to heal and repair dormant hair follicles.

The PRF that comes from your blood is 100% natural with no additives. As a result, it’s safe, with no risk of allergic reaction and hardly any danger of infection or complication. While you’ve likely heard of the benefits of platelet-rich plasma in restorative medicine, PRF is the next generation of PRP because the PRF plasma or “serum” contains fibrin, stem cells, white blood cells, and an even higher concentration of growth factors than traditional PRP – and all these elements contribute to tissue regeneration.

What to Expect From a PRF Treatment

During your PRF hair loss treatment, we’ll draw your blood just like you’ve experienced during a routine medical checkup. Then, we’ll place the blood into a centrifuge to separate the PRF, and inject the concentrated serum into your scalp in the areas where hair loss is most severe – either through microneedling or injection. Your clinician at M Spa will apply a topical numbing cream to make the PRF injections more comfortable for you.

Over time, PRF will stimulate the dormant hair follicles to regrow and increase the thickness of the new individual hair shafts that emerge.

Your Recovery From PRF for Hair Loss

While you might experience some soreness after your procedure, this doesn’t last long – so there is no real “downtime” associated with the procedure. You can shower without shampoo only a few hours after your treatment and can also resume your typical activities, including returning to work or school.

We recommend limiting sun exposure to your scalp for the first few days after receiving PRF. Also, because anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin, Advil, and ibuprofen might interfere with the treatment mechanisms, we suggest avoiding these for the next few weeks. If you need pain management, don’t hesitate to speak with your clinician to determine the best options that won’t interfere with your PRF treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PRF For Hair Loss

PRF therapy has been clinically proven to help reverse the effects of hair loss for male and female pattern hair loss. PRF can also help treat thinning hair resulting from iron deficiency, metabolic causes, pregnancy, and the effects of medication. In some patients, PRF treatments can restore hair growth of the beard or eyebrows.

The answer to this question varies from patient to patient, depending on the cause and the degree of hair loss. The sooner you start your PRF treatment after hair loss begins, the better and faster you will see results. For the typical hair loss patient, we usually suggest starting with four treatments spaced about a month apart, then quarterly treatments to maintain results for the first year. Later, we can reduce PRF treatment frequency based on your specific hair regrowth progress.

Because the PRF comes from your blood, this treatment is extremely safe, with no chance of allergic reactions and low risk of infections or complications. It’s a 100% natural treatment with no need for additives.

PRF is the next generation of PRP. PRF contains higher concentrations of growth factors than PRP. PRF serum also contains stem cells, white blood cells, and fibrins – which PRP doesn’t have.

The stem cells in PRF are “undifferentiated,” meaning they can morph into the cells needed to repair the hair follicles and begin creating thick, healthy hair shafts again.

The fibrins in PRF act as a scaffolding to keep the growth factors and stem cells in the designated treatment area, so they do not diffuse away from where you need them most. This quality allows for the release of more growth factors over a longer period.

Most patients see a decrease in new hair loss, shedding and thinning almost immediately. The new hair growth becomes visible within two to three months after PRF treatments.


PRF Hair Restoration in Webster, TX

If you’re experiencing hair loss or premature baldness, our team at M Spa Face and Body can help you restore a healthy, full set of hair that is 100% natural, affordable, and non-surgical with PRF hair restoration treatments.

You can feel more confidence and attractive with beautiful, thick hair. Contact our office today to see if PRF hair loss treatments are the right solution for you.