Body Treatments with CoolSculpting® and CoolTone® in Houston, TX

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you could replace that stubborn fat on your abdomen, upper arms, and thighs with taut, toned muscles for a firm, sculpted look? All without surgery, fad diets, or spending hours at the gym?

No, you’re not dreaming! With the new, non-surgical, non-invasive technologies now available from Shauna McLaughlin PA-C and Deborah Miller M.D at M Spa Face and Body, in Webster, Texas, we’ll help you get great results with no downtime or recovery time and with minimal discomfort.

The new technologies are CoolSculpting® and CoolTone®. Both are leading non-surgical treatments from the company CoolSculpting®, and both are designed to help you get the body you’ve always wanted by improving your physique.

While each of the two treatments can individually achieve excellent results, they are uniquely different from one another in many ways. Our team at M Spa Face and Body can help you understand the difference between the two technologies and determine the best course of action to reach your desired outcome.

Learn more about body treatments offered at M Spa Face & Body by reading on or scheduling a one-on-one consultation today. We are located in Webster, TX and serve the greater Houston area.

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The Science Behind CoolSculpting® and CoolTone®

While both CoolSculpting® and CoolTone® can enhance the contours of your body using wand-like devices, they each take a different approach:

  • CoolSculpting® uses cooling energy to freeze and destroy fat cells in the body. Over time these cells are eliminated, giving you a leaner appearance.
  • CoolTone® uses magnetic technology to stimulate muscle contractions which burn fat and strengthen the muscles, resulting in improved muscle tone and definition.

Both treatments are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for body contouring.

CoolSculpting® or CoolTone® or Both Webster, TX?

While there are several differences in how the two treatments are implemented, the most significant of these is that CoolSculpting® targets fat cells in your body while CoolTone® targets muscle cells.

Neither CoolSculpting® and CoolTone® require any anesthesia. CoolSculpting® causes cooling sensations that may temporarily numb the skin during treatment. CoolTone® safely triggers muscle contractions that may feel like involuntary muscle spasms. Both treatments take about 30 minutes to complete.

To consider whether these technologies will work for you and your body, you need an understanding of both CoolSculpting® and CoolTone®. Here’s an overview of each procedure:

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

CoolSculpting® is designed to permanently reduce the number of fat cells from areas of your body where you’re struggling to shed those layers of fat which persist, regardless of how much you diet and exercise.

As a powerful body contouring technology, CoolSculpting® helps target stubborn, isolated pockets of fat that are not responding to a healthy diet and exercise program. The procedure involves a process known as cryolipolysis, or “fat freezing,” to target and freeze away fat cells without the need for surgery or anesthesia.

During treatment, a wand-like applicator is used to gently pull areas under treatment into cooling panels, which produces in a tingling sensation and feeling of intense cold. Since fat cells are sensitive to cold, this process triggers a natural breakdown in their structure and reduces the fat layer. Most patients return to work or go about their daily activities immediately after treatment with no downtime or recovery time.

How Does CoolTone® Work?

Unlike CoolSculpting®, which targets fat cells, CoolTone® is designed to target muscle tissue and doesn’t use any freezing technique. Instead, using a process known as magnetic muscle stimulation (or MMS), the treatment sends quick bursts of electromagnetic energy into the muscles causing them to contract rapidly, feeling like a muscle spasm where muscle fibers twitch and contract.

While not a method for greatly enlarging your muscles the way you would by working out at the gym, the body contouring result of CoolTone® treatment is enhanced muscle mass and muscles that are stronger, tighter, and more toned.

Some patients report feeling stronger after one treatment, whereas others prefer multiple sessions to achieve their desired results. Although the effects can last up to six months, follow-up treatments are recommended for maintenance in much the same way that you would need to continue to work out at the gym to maintain the muscles you’re building.

The Benefits Of Using CoolTone® and CoolSculpting® Together

Because both CoolTone® and CoolSculpting® target different kinds of tissue within your body, it is possible to use the two services in combination to maximize your final result. For example, if you want to have a tighter-looking midsection, you can use CoolSculpting® to freeze away stubborn belly fat and CoolTone® to tighten the abdominal muscles.

By consulting with the experts here at M Spa Face and Body, you’ll better understand which treatment is best for you and whether you should consider one or both procedures to achieve the final look you desire.

How Many Treatments Can I Expect?


Patients should begin to see an improvement in the treated area with CoolSculpting® a few weeks after their treatment. However, it may take up to four months before they can enjoy their full, final, and permanent results. While every patient’s experiences will be different, most patients benefit from one to three sessions for each area targeted.


Most CoolTone® candidates will start with six sessions, spaced at two times per week for three weeks. Depending on their body composition and desired results, the number of sessions needed could vary. As for weight training, you need to avoid over-training the area receiving treatment.

Am I a Candidate for CoolSculpting® or CoolTone® in Webster, TX?


To be a good candidate for CoolSculpting®, it is best that you:

  • Have pinchable subcutaneous fat above the muscle wall.
  • Are close to ideal body weight with a BMI score below 30.
  • Prepared to wait at least three months before seeing results.


To be a good candidate for CoolTone® treatment, it’s best that you:

  • Already have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime.
  • Are in good health and close to ideal body weight.
  • Already have good muscle tone but would like to firm up specific areas.

Contour Your Body Without Surgery or Downtime

Both CoolSculpting® and CoolTone® can help you contour your body and improve your physique for that perfect body. Learn about the benefits and results you can expect from both treatments by scheduling a consultation with the body contouring experts at M Spa Face and Body in Webster, TX, or calling us today at (281) 886-7006!