As technology constantly evolves, it has led to many breakthroughs in aesthetic techniques. Microneedling with radiofrequency, or RF, is one such innovation that has continued to improve in recent years. Secret RF microneedling offers a new dimension in radiofrequency treatment options that jumpstarts collagen production, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores and scars, and noticeably improves skin texture – all without surgery. How does this work?

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What Is Microneedling With RF?

To understand what makes Secret RF microneedling such an advanced treatment, the first thing you need to know is how microneedling with radiofrequency works. Microneedling is the process of applying multiple fine needles to create microscopic pinpricks in the surface of the skin. This minor damage is enough to trigger the healing process by which your body creates new collagen and elastin, the support network that keeps skin looking healthy and youthful.

The cutting-edge technology of combining microneedling with RF energy allows practitioners to go beyond the superficial layer of the skin to treat the signs of aging and other common skin problems from the inside out. Unlike older and less effective procedures that could only target the uppermost layers of the skin, the RF treatment distributes heat energy into the deeper layer of skin, called the dermis, without affecting the epidermis. The result is tighter, toned, and more elastic skin.

What Makes Secret RF Microneedling a Good Choice?

The “secret” behind Secret RF is its perfectly spaced, gold-plated microneedles, which conduct precisely controlled high-energy RF waves into the dermis at controlled depths. This technology represents a significant advancement over traditional microneedling techniques.

Secret RF safely and efficiently stimulates the natural process of renewal in the skin without the risk of burning, overheating, or other damage to the skin’s surface. It’s also notable for how quickly and effectively it works. Sessions with Secret RF are pain-free and take approximately half the time of other microneedling devices, with little or no need for recovery time and a notably better result at improving skin elasticity and correcting common complaints such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, and enlarged pores.

Frequently Asked Questions About Secret RF Microneedling in Webster, TX

Not only is Secret RF highly beneficial for reducing wrinkles, improving skin’s texture, and helping achieve tighter skin, but it is also a safe and effective treatment for many other skin conditions, including stretch marks and age spots. Secret RF has helped patients get smoother skin with fewer scars and flaws.
Unlike many other laser and light technologies, Secret RF is a much safer technology to use on dark skin. Secret RF’s technology allows it to bypass the surface layers of skin, instead delivering energy directly to the collagen-producing dermis. Avoiding treatment through the top layer of the skin can greatly reduce post-treatment pigmentation. Secret RF is safe for treatment of all skin types and tones, and it is ideal for darker-skinned patients who are not good candidates for other RF devices or laser procedures due to the risk of pigmentary problems.
Side effects following SECRET RF tend to be minor, and include redness, swelling, and bruising for up to a few days after treatment. Many Secret RF patients can return to work and resume other typical daily activities the day after getting their procedure, which makes it ideal for anyone who is looking for a skincare solution that fits within a busy lifestyle.
Patients most commonly request Secret RF to correct wrinkles, scarring, and uneven skin tone on their faces. However, many areas of the skin respond favorably to treatment with Secret RF. If you choose, you can also opt for Secret RF treatment to tighten crepey, aging skin along your neck and jawline. For chest rejuvenation, women may see excellent results in using Secret RF to treat vertical wrinkles in their décolletage area.
Yes! For people who want to see even better results, the Secret RF treatment is excellent when paired with other skin care solutions such as injectable products. For example, if you are primarily concerned about crow’s feet, brow furrows, and other wrinkles around your eyes and eyebrows, combining Botox or Dysport with Secret RF can relax the muscles in that area to prevent those fine lines from deepening. For even more comprehensive facial rejuvenation, adding Secret RF to dermal fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane can help improve the appearance of moderate to deep wrinkles around the mouth and nose, as well as volume loss in the cheeks and mid-face area.
Depending on the extent of your concerns and what you are hoping to improve, you may need more than one treatment to see your desired results. For example, a typical treatment regimen includes at least three sessions, spaced about four weeks apart. We will determine what plan is best for you during your pre-treatment consultation.

Advanced Facial Rejuvenation at M Spa Face and Body

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