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Often, the most pronounced signs of premature aging occur in the lower face, such as a sagging neck or drooping jowls. Even people who have been diligent about maintaining a consistent skin care routine and following good nutritional habits experience these issues eventually. If you have begun to notice these moderate signs of aging and you’re wondering what you can do to achieve an uplifted appearance without resorting to a full facelift, you may be excited to learn about a new option called the PDO thread lift.

This minimally invasive procedure provides effective facial rejuvenation – and all without major surgery or lengthy downtime. Discover how this versatile treatment can help you reclaim a naturally youthful appearance.

Read on to learn more about a Houston thread lift procedure with Nova Threads, or contact us online to schedule your consultation today. 

What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

PDO stands for polydioxanone – a highly pliable type of synthetic suture that surgeons have used for years in procedures such as heart surgery. PDO threads have a reputation for strength, safety, and support, which is why they have recently begun to revolutionize the world of cosmetic techniques.

Until relatively recently, invasive surgeries such as a facelift were the only way to address and reverse signs of lower facial aging. However, many people are unable or unwilling to commit to such drastic measures to get the anti-aging results they desire. A thread lift is an ideal option for you if you are one of those people.

When strategically placed just below the surface of your skin, a Nova Threads thread lift treatment can correct mild to moderate sagging on your neck and lower face. Not only do they create a support network for areas that have begun to droop, but they can also stimulate collagen production around the threads for a tightened, uplifted appearance.

PDO thread lifts are painless and minimally invasive and take 30 minutes or less to perform. There is virtually no recovery time, and you will notice immediate results in the lower third of your face, with improved results revealing themselves over the next few weeks as new collagen forms around the threads.

Often, patients choose to combine a thread lift with other procedures such as injectables, hair restoration, or laser skin rejuvenation for an overall more naturally youthful and refreshed appearance. To book your free consultation to determine if a PDO thread lift is right for you, call our office at 281-886-7006.

What Does a PDO Thread Lift Entail?

A thread lift is a revolutionary procedure that relies on temporary sutures to produce a subtle, but noticeable, lifting effect. During a facelift, a cosmetic surgeon removes loose, sagging skin surgically. In contrast, Nova Threads tighten drooping skin by stitching it into place, which creates a slight pulling effect. In addition to being ideal for lifting the skin, threads combat aging in another way: by stimulating an inflammatory response that causes your body’s collagen production in the treated areas.

Collagen plays a vital anti-aging role in helping maintain healthy and resilient skin. As a structural protein, collagen acts like scaffolding that helps keep skin supple. The growth factors collagen supports also play a role in healing. Unfortunately, however, our bodies stop producing abundant collagen as we age, leading to a loss of volume and strength.

As your skin grows weaker, it can no longer hold up its underlying tissues, which leads to sagging, wrinkling, and thinning. An influx of fresh collagen before the signs of skin laxity advance further can help firm loose areas and stop aging from worsening by strengthening the skin.

In other words, the PDO threads not only create more lift in the lower portion of your face but will also lead to ongoing facial rejuvenation. After your thread lift, you will notice a progressive improvement in the firmness and tone of your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nova Threads

At M Spa Face and Body, we frequently hear concerns from patients who are considering getting a thread lift. Read on for answers to some of these common questions.

A PDO thread lift is ideal for people who have begun to experience mild to moderate sagging along the lower face, jawline, and neck, but are not ready to get a full-scale facelift. If extensive drooping is your concern, you may be better off getting a more comprehensive procedure that focuses on trimming away excess skin, rather than tightening and lifting it
PDO threads come in a variety of textures: Some are smooth, some are twisted, and others have tiny hooks. Different threading techniques lift the skin and volumize the treated area by increasing the production of collagen. Combining all three types of threads in the form of a mesh can enhance the effects to progressively rejuvenate the face.
Treatment with Nova Threads is virtually pain-free. We can provide a local anesthetic to manage discomfort, and the threads come pre-loaded in very fine needles, making the insertion process much easier to tolerate. Because the sutures are so small, once the skin has healed around them, most people say they cannot feel their sutures at all.
Thanks to their minimally invasive nature, thread lifts are low-risk when performed by a qualified, experienced aesthetic medical professional. There is little to no danger of scars, bleeding, or other complications after a thread lift. In rare cases, patients may experience irritation, infection, or their sutures becoming visible under their skin. If any of these occur, removing the sutures will quickly restore your face to its previous state.Nova Threads are designed to be safely absorbed by the body. They are typically absorbed over a period of about four to six months, leaving behind plump, rejuvenated skin. After they are fully absorbed, patients can expect the results to last for about one to two additional years.
Inserting PDO threads is an in-office procedure that involves injecting small threads into strategic areas of your face. The entire process takes 30 minutes or less.
Many people see results immediately after their procedure. However, the results continue to improve for two to three weeks after the thread lift, which is how long it takes your skin to form the collagen and connective tissue that provides the firming and volumizing effects.
After a thread lift procedure, most people can return to work and other normal activities the next day. The most common side effects are a few days of mild swelling and bruising, which you can hide with makeup. Avoid strenuous exercise the day of your procedure, since too much activity can cause the threads to move out of position.
Like any other non-invasive cosmetic procedure, you can expect your results to vary depending on factors such as your overall health, genetics, and age. For most people, the results of a Nova Lift last about a year. However, you can always choose to get touch-up treatments to maintain your effects and continue to enjoy excellent results.