The Lightpod Neo – An Aerolase® Laser

The Lightpod Neo is a cutting-edge laser system that can accomplish a remarkably wide range of therapies.  With this one device, M Spa Face and Body can now help patients treat signs of aging, rosacea, and acne; safely and effectively.

Thanks to its remarkable 650-microsecond laser technology, the Lightpod Neo is quickly establishing itself as the gold standard for laser systems. Its unique delivery system precisely targets a variety of blemishes, signs of aging, and serious skin conditions while protecting the surrounding skin. For that very reason, many in the industry consider the Lightpod Neo to be one of the safest laser systems for dark and tanned skin.

It also means a pain-free treatment and a fast (sometimes, nonexistent) recovery period. With the Lightpod Neo, patients don’t have to sacrifice between an effective treatment and a comfortable treatment.


How the Lightpod Neo Works

Essentially, by delivering energy 30-50 times faster than a typical laser system, the Lightpod Neo can deliver the right amount of heat without ever harming the skin. Those quick pulses of energy mean a more comfortable treatment and a quicker, milder downtime. There’s no need for cooling gels or anesthetics—the Lightpod Neo is comfortable and pain-free thanks to its advanced technology.

The Lightpod Neo offers patients the following treatments:

Laser Hair Removal

We go to great lengths to achieve smooth, hair-free skin. We’ve endured painful, annoying, and repetitive hair removal routines for decades, but with the Lightpod Neo patients can say goodbye to frustrating razors and wax. By targeting the melanin in hair, the Lightpod Neo can isolate and target the hair follicles and inactivate them. With a series of pain-free treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart, patients can enjoy smoother skin and permanent hair reduction.

And if a patient is suffering from painful ingrown hairs, the Lightpod Neo can target problematic hair follicles to make sure ingrown hairs disappear over time.

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Facial Tightening and Rejuvenation

It’s been thought that only surgical procedures could effectively lift sagging skin on the face, but advanced laser systems like the Lightpod Neo can reach deep into the skin to trigger a natural lifting and smoothing effect. By delivering the right amounts of heat to the right depths in the skin, the Lightpod Neo stimulates collagen production, allowing the skin to gradually lift and tighten itself for a younger, smoother look. Patients will also see their fine lines and wrinkles fade—and this can all happen over 6 months after the treatment. And while the Lightpod Neo gets to work, patients will only feel a mild, warming sensation—so no anesthetic or numbing cream is needed.

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Removing Sun Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Sun spots and hyperpigmentation are usually caused by UV damage to the skin; the UV light causes certain cells to make too much pigment, resulting in brown splotches on the skin. Hyperpigmentation can also be present at birth, like birthmarks. The Lightpod Neo’s 1064 wavelength micropulsed laser can target the pigments that cause sun spots and hyperpigmentation, breaking them apart and allowing them to be reabsorbed into the skin.

Melasma Treatments

Melasma is a type of hyperpigmentation that appears as brown, uneven splotches of skin on the face. It typically occurs on women’s faces, and it can be caused by anything from aging, to genetics, to sun exposure. It’s also often caused by hormonal changes, which is why it earned the moniker “the mask of pregnancy.” By targeting the pigment that causes melasma, the Lightpod Neo can help patients achieve clear, evenly-toned skin.

Typically, the Lightpod Neo can eliminate or lighten melasma for long periods of time. Of course, if your melasma is genetic or caused by hormonal changes, the Lightpod Neo can become an effective way to manage symptoms.

Acne Treatments

Chronic acne can be a constant source of embarrassment and frustration for those who have it, and it may seem like definitive treatments are few and far in between. Thankfully, the Lightpod Neo can target the root causes of chronic acne: the sebaceous glands the bacteria that feeds on the oil it produces. By shrinking the glands and eliminating bacteria, the Lightpod Neo can offer an effective way to maintain and reduce chronic acne.

Your treatment will be customized depending on the severity of the acne, but patients should expect to see improvement over 4-8 weeks.

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Spider Vein Treatments

Spider veins are fine, web-like blood vessels that appear on the face and legs. They occur when the smaller vasculature becomes backed up with blood. They’re usually harmless, if not unsightly, but some patients experience swelling and pain that is typically associated with spider veins. The Lightpod Neo’s 1064 wavelength micro-pulsed laser can target and eliminate the hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in the collapse of the irregular veins. The procedure is perfectly safe, and the veins are gradually reabsorbed into the body. Your treatment will be customized depending on how big the blood vessels are and where they’re located.

Patients should see improvement in the months after treatment, and the results are typically permanent. Keep in mind, because there’s high blood pressure in the legs, the spider veins there have a higher risk of reoccurring.

Cherry Angioma Removal

Cherry angiomas are small red lesions that appear on the body and face; they’re a type of vascular lesion that occurs when smaller blood vessels close to the surface of the skin somehow become swollen with blood. Because the Lightpod Neo’s MicroPulse 1064 wavelength laser can isolate and target the hemoglobin in the blood, it can collapse the blood vessels and eliminate cherry angiomas without harming the skin. For 3-4 weeks after the treatment the cherry angioma might look swollen or irritated, but it will slough off over time.

Wart Removal

Warts are unsightly growths on the skin caused by viral infections. They’re usually seen around the fingers, fingernails, and the bottom of the feet. The Lightpod Neo treats warts by eliminating their blood supply, leading them to wither and rot. The wart might darken after treatment, but a few weeks it will gradually die and slough off.

Of course, the number of treatments for each wart will depend on how deeply it’s rooted, how big it is, and how well it responds to the treatment. Generally, only 1-2 treatments are needed for permanent removal, although some patients are predisposed to reoccurring warts.

Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder characterized by perpetually flushed skin and the presence of broken capillaries and veins on the face. Sometimes, it can lead to painful bumps, pimples, and swelling on the skin. The diffuse redness is caused by the blood vessels in the face becoming perpetually dilated.

We’re not quite sure what causes rosacea, but many patients end up having to change their lifestyles and diet drastically to avoid triggering an episode. For patients that want a definitive treatment for rosacea we’re proud to offer the Lightpod Neo, which can use its 1064 wavelength laser to eliminate the small blood vessels responsible for rosacea.

The Lightpod Neo is effective for controlling and maintaining rosacea symptoms, and can provide relief for as long as months at a time.

Scar Revision

The Lightpod Neo is an effective treatment for softening the appearance of prominent scars. The Lightpod Neo will not remove the scar tissue, rather, the micro-pulsed laser will stimulate collagen remodeling in the scar, leading to a smoother, flatter, and more inconspicuous scar.

Multiple treatment sessions may be required to achieve the right results, but many of our patients see a remarkable improvement after 3-4 weeks.


The Lightpod Neo is the key to treating countless skin conditions and signs of aging; if you’d like to see whether it can help you, contact M Spa Face and Body for a consultation. To schedule an appointment, contact our Clear Lake office at 281-886-7006 or fill out our contact form here.