Are you one of the millions of people who’ve needed a crash course on DIY skin and haircare in recent months? If you’re feeling frazzled because you can’t access your usual beauty help, we’ve got tips to get you through.

With some guidance and excellent medical-grade cosmetic products, you can maintain confidence and gorgeous skin through an at-home beauty routine. From sun protection to wrinkle reduction, to healthy nails and hair, we’ve got you covered.

Anti-Aging Skincare Begins at Home with Daily Sun Protection

We know people miss beauty clinics and the professional treatment skin specialists provide. Still, the fact is, most of your skin protection happens at home, in your hands.

Start with sunscreen. Traditional sunscreens can leave a sticky or greasy film on their summer face. The best natural sunblocks contain mineral-derived ingredients like zinc and titanium. These leave a whitish film that’s not flattering on any skin tone.

That’s why we’re pleased to carry EltaMD® sunscreens. These luxe formulations are specially designed for daily wear under makeup or alone, and don’t leave a white film. They protect the skin from UV damage and early skin aging. EltaMD products contain transparent zinc oxide and are noncomedogenic, fragrance, and paraben-free.

You’ll love making these an essential part of your everyday skincare routine.

Revive and Refresh Skin With At-Home Spa-Grade Products

What’s the next best thing if you can’t get to your beauty guru for a revitalizing facial? The SkinCeuticals line offers a range of advanced, science-backed products. From cleansers to moisturizers to serums, this skincare line is designed to improve skin health and prevent fine lines, discoloration, or textural problems.

SkinCeuticals is exclusively available through professional providers like dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and medical spas. You can order yours from our no-touch, convenient online service today. With a high-quality home routine, you can keep that fresh, dewy glow going this summer.

Need Serious Age Repair for Your Skin? Order It Straight to Your Door

The scientists at DefenAge™ have unlocked powerful peptides called Age-RepairTM. DefenAge is pioneering the future of skincare. We’re pleased to offer this dramatic change in a bottle for our clients. Shipped straight from our door to yours, take control of aging at home.

At-Home Hair Salon — Can You DIY Hair Growth?

Not everyone has mastered cutting and styling their own hair yet- though you’ll find plenty of DIY videos online! But before you begin styling your locks, think about what you can do to encourage thicker, healthy hair strands and follicles.

Hair thinning related to anxiety and hormonal imbalance is more common than you may think. During difficult times, many people notice signs of stress on their skin and scalp, but there are ways to fight back.

Nutrafol® is a natural way to treat hair loss from home. This supplement is formulated to combat the aging, hormonal effects, styling, or environmental damage your hair deals with.

Beyond biotin, zinc, and collagen to encourage hair growth, it targets underlying factors like inflammation and stress. Nutrition from the root can improve hair quality, plus slow or reverse thinning, depending on contributing factors.

Get Everything You Need to Glow, at Home

Self-care, skincare, and haircare begin at home, and we have the tools you need to look and feel your best. Contact us or browse our online selection of top of the line products to customize your personal home revitalization kit. Beauty and health are in your hands.