CoolSculpting and CoolTone are two revolutionary devices that have taken the cosmetic surgery world by storm, and for good reason. Manufactured by Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm, CoolSculpting and CoolTone work together to help destroy fat cells and tone muscle simultaneously.

While CoolSculpting targets fat cells, CoolTone comes in to target muscles. By receiving both of these treatments at the same time, you can kiss stubborn pockets of fat goodbye and enjoy a beautiful, toned physique.

These new, non-surgical technologies are now available by our specialists, Shauna McLaughlin, PA-C, and Deborah Miller, M.D., at M Spa Face & Body in Webster, Texas. We’ll help you get great results with no downtime or recovery time and minimal discomfort. Here’s a closer look at how CoolSculpting and CoolTone work together.


CoolSculpting is a fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to safely target stubborn fat deposits that will not respond to diet and exercise alone. During a CoolSculpting treatment, treated fat cells freeze and die. Over time, your body will process these fat cells out of your system, leaving you with a more sculpted figure. CoolSculpting treatments can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete. There is little discomfort when it comes to this treatment, and most patients experience only slight numbness around the targeted area.


CoolTone is a body sculpting treatment that tones and tightens the muscles so that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym with weeks of zero results. During a CoolTone treatment, magnetic muscle stimulation penetrates deep into your muscle layers, causing them to contract. These continuous contractions prompt your body to strengthen its muscle fibers, providing you with more tone and definition. A typical CoolTone treatment lasts about 30 minutes. You may experience some muscle soreness as your muscles repair themselves just like they would after an afternoon at the gym.

CoolSculpting Paired With CoolTone: Why They’re Better Together

While CoolSculpting and CoolTone are fantastic for body contouring on their own, they do work better together to help you reach your aesthetic goals. CoolSculpting can reduce stubborn fat in your abdomen, thighs, love handles, and back, while CoolTone strengthens and tones your muscles for more definition and strength.

If you’re looking for a body-changing procedure without the lengthy downtime associated with more invasive surgery, these treatments are a great idea. This combo approach can help you to not only look great but feel fantastic as well.

Are You a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting and CoolTone?

You may benefit from CoolSculpting and CoolTone simultaneously if you’re at or near your goal weight yet are finding it difficult to target particular areas of the body that are not responding to diet and exercise alone. It’s important to note that these treatments are not weight-loss treatments, so they won’t help you shed those unwanted pounds but rather work in tandem with an overall healthy lifestyle.

CoolSculpting and CoolTone in Webster, Texas

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