If we’re being honest— some of us don’t enjoy spending time at the gym as much as others. For some, lifting weights, running, and toning muscles through exercise is an enjoyable experience. But for others, it can be a struggle, particularly when building muscle doesn’t come easily to you. Rather than making your diet include more protein so you can bulk up, it might be wiser to tone your muscles through an aesthetic treatment. At M Spa Face & Body in Webster, TX, we believe that CoolTone is an ideal solution for those who want to have a sleeker, firmer body line.

What Is CoolTone?

CoolTone is a non-invasive, energy-based treatment that utilizes the power of magnetic technology to stimulate hundreds of muscle contractions in a very short period of time. The goal of this treatment is to help tighten and firm large groups of muscles that are difficult to target through traditional weight training and exercise, such as the abdomen and buttock.


While not a method for greatly enlarging your muscles the way you would by continuously working out at the gym, the body contouring results of CoolTone® treatment is to enhance muscle mass and muscles that feel stronger, look tighter, and more toned. Some patients even report feeling strong after just one treatment, whereas other might require multiple session to reach their desired results.

How Long Do CoolTone Results Last?

The results of CoolTone are considered temporary since they generally last for three to six months. Of course, you can ensure your results will last longer with follow-up appointments or by sticking to an exercise routine that will keep your muscles toned and firm. With the right practice, the effects of this treatment can last for an indefinite amount of time.

How To Maintain Results?

After you’ve had this treatment, we generally recommend that you continue with follow-up treatment every six months or so to maintain your results. Your maintenance treatments will keep your muscles firm and toned continually, even if you don’t spend countless hours at the gym. That being said, there are other things you can do to help maintain your results and get the most of out of your CoolTone Treatment.


Toning exercises are another effective way to maintain your results between touch-up appointments. Exercises like yoga, pilates, and resistance training a few times a week can help sustain the firmness of your muscles. You can also add weight lifting or muscle training into your exercise routine to help build more muscles between treatments.


Weight management is another great way to maintain your results. Any body contouring treatments will be most effective when you manage your weight well, which means avoiding weight gain between treatments.

Tone Muscles and Gain Definition With CoolTone in Webster, TX

CoolTone can help you contour your body and improve your physique for that perfect body. Learn more about the amazing benefits and results you can expect from CoolTone by calling (281) 886-7006 or contact us through our website.