You have your unique genetic profile to thank for many positive characteristics; however, heredity is responsible for qualities like a family history of high blood pressure or other health conditions. And, if you struggle with a double chin and ill-defined neckline, genes play a role in this aesthetic flaw too. While many believe the appearance of a double chin is the result of weight gain, genetic predisposition to storing fat in this area and the normal aging process can create unwanted fullness along the jaw.

If you’ve tried countless toning exercises and miracle creams, only to achieve no results, there are minimally-invasive treatments available that slim your neckline. Not only is your double chin not your fault – you don’t have to keep it, either. No, you don’t have to resort to liposuction; non-surgical double chin reduction with Kybella, the first and only FDA-approved injectable fat eliminator, makes it possible to see results with simple injections.

What Causes a Double Chin?

Having a double chin, caused submental fat or fullness, can be extremely frustrating. If you have inherited submental fat, you already know it can make you look overweight, even if you aren’t. It can also lead to the development of jowls or a turkey neck, blurring the distinction between your neck and your jawline.

Many people with the submental fat struggle to maintain healthy body weight. However, even people who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet can develop a double chin. This is because heredity is a leading cause of submental fullness. If you notice many members of your family are at or near their ideal weight, yet they still have a double chin, the chances are excellent that you can chalk it up to genetically caused fat storage and water retention.

An additional cause of a double chin is the aging process, which causes a loss of muscle tone and skin elasticity over time and leads to excess tissue accumulation along your neck and jawline.

Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction with Kybella

If you have been looking for ways to eliminate submental fat, you may have considered liposuction, a surgical procedure designed to remove fat from specific areas of the body. However, you can also rid yourself of a double chin without stitches, sutures, or a lengthy recovery process, with Kybella injections.

Kybella is an innovative non-surgical double chin treatment. The active ingredient in Kybella is called deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps support the breakdown of fats. The injection of Kybella beneath your chin will permanently destroy the fat cells; your body naturally eliminates the targeted fat, and the cells do not come back. The result is a slimmer and more toned chin and neckline.

Get Rid of Your Double Chin with a Series of Kybella Treatments

When you visit our aesthetic specialists to treat a double chin with Kybella, we sit down with you and discuss a customized treatment plan. The number and frequency of the treatments you need will depend on the extent of submental fullness and what you are hoping to achieve.

A typical Kybella regimen includes two to four treatments spread out over a few months, with a visible fat reduction at every step of the way. Once that series of treatments are over, you will be able to enjoy a permanently contoured and alluring neck and jawline.

One Kybella treatment only takes around 15 to 30 minutes to perform. Because there is no recovery time, you can go back to work directly after your treatment if you choose. The most commonly reported side effects are swelling and soreness, which resolve up to a week after the treatment.

Kybella Injections in Clear Lake

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