Acne can be a painful, frustrating, and unpredictable skin condition to battle. It affects most people starting as early as puberty and can extend into adulthood. It commonly forms red, itchy, painful bumps on the forehead, cheeks, chin, jaw, and neck and can often leave discoloration or texture from scarring. While acne is often treated with a blend of topical or oral medications, some individuals suffer from stubborn, chronic acne and can become disappointed in their lack of results.


At M Spa Face & Body, our skin experts use the best technology in laser acne treatments to target the causes of stubborn acne, clear patients’ skin, and improve their lives.

What Are the Common Causes of Acne and Acne Scars?

Acne is caused by more than just poor hygiene, so if consistently washing your face hasn’t done the trick, here is probably why. Acne is a hormonal and inflammatory skin condition caused by many diverse factors, including overactive sebaceous glands, lack of exfoliation of dead skin cells, and an uncontrolled build-up of bacteria.


Active breakouts are frustrating enough to deal with on their own, but they can often leave behind hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, and rough bumps in the form of scars. Acne scars form when a blemish infiltrates the skin deep enough that it damages the tissue underneath. Scar tissue is often what’s left behind after a terrible breakout.

What Is the Best Acne Laser Treatment, and How Does It Work?

M Spa Face and Body is equipped with one of the most state-of-the-art laser systems to treat acne and acne scars. Our AeroLase laser system‘s advanced technology targets and destroys acne-causing bacteria and reduces inflammation to treat current blemishes and prevent future ones from occurring. Its patented heat energy will also initiate new collagen production, which can reduce and improve the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and pitted or depressed acne scars.


Aerolase can leave your skin blemish-free, smooth, clear, and radiant after just one treatment. In as little as 30 minutes, it can rejuvenate your skin’s texture, laxity, and overall appearance.

What Makes Aerolase the Best Acne Treatment?

Our Aerolase device uses exceptionally high power within a short pulse duration, which enhances its efficacy, versatility, and safety compared to other laser acne treatments. Its unique combination of high power and short pulse duration allows treatments to be performed without using anesthetics, skin-cooling technology, or risk of adverse effects commonly found with other generations of lasers. Additionally, its gentle approach makes for short recovery times, so you can start loving your skin without contending with peeling, scabbing, redness, or irritation.

What Should You Know Before Your Laser Acne Treatments?

You will achieve the best results from your laser acne treatment if you are a healthy non-smoker with realistic expectations surrounding the results of your procedure. You should also follow your provider’s pre- and post-procedure recommendations and instructions for maximum benefits.


The first step in preparing for your laser acne treatment is to limit sun exposure and use a sunblock of at least 30 before and after your laser treatment to improve acne and acne scars. This includes reducing exposure to sun lamps and tanning beds, as you cannot have a tan or sunburn before your acne laser treatment.


If you do smoke, you should quit at least two weeks before your laser treatment.


You must also refrain from using retinoid or glycolic acid products for at least two weeks before your acne laser treatment.

Is Laser Acne Treatment Safe for All Skin Types and Tones?

Not all acne laser treatments are safe for all skin types; in fact, some can cause hyperpigmentation in dark complexions. One of the key benefits of the Aerolase technology is that it is designed to be safe and gentle on all skin types and tones, including sensitive and darker skin tones. This is due to the non-ablative approach, which doesn’t disrupt or damage the top layer of skin, which often causes hyperpigmentation in darker complexions.

Can Laser Acne Treatments Be Paired with Topical Treatments?

Aerolaser laser therapy can be combined with other treatments in the same session. This includes topical creams, chemical peels, or other laser treatments that can enhance your results.

How Long Do Laser Acne Treatment Results Last?

Results from an Aerolaser acne treatment can last for several months. Different factors can affect the total amount of time your results last, including your age, skin type, and skin condition. Some patients undergo a treatment and experience results lasting up to a year, while others experience results lasting for six months. During your initial consultation, your provider can better understand how long you can expect your Aerolase results to last.

What Can I Expect from A Laser Acne Treatment Recovery?

Another reason Aerolase is the best acne treatment is that there is no downtime associated with treatment. This non-invasive approach has minimal side effects and will not result in prolonged skin redness, bruising, peeling, or scabbing. Immediately after your treatment, you can continue your everyday activities, including going to the gym, running errands, or even returning to work. You must wear sunblock and avoid direct sunlight, as is necessary after any laser treatment.

Can Laser Acne Treatments Treat Acne Scarring?

In addition to reducing oil production and clearing the skin of acne-causing bacteria, the Aerolase technology also helps to stimulate collagen, which your skin needs to regenerate. Additionally, this versatile device also targets melanin, which can help reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or the darkening of the skin that often results after an acne flare-up.

What Other Treatments Can Be Used for Treating Acne?

At M Spa Face and Body, we offer a wide variety of treatments for targeted acne that can be used on their own or in combination with Aerolase, including:

RF Microneedling

Radio-frequency microneedling is a safe, non-surgical aesthetic procedure that combines two acne-fighting therapies in one. The first, microneedling, involves tiny needles penetrating the skin, causing controlled micro-injuries. The body then produces new collagen to heal these small superficial wounds, which improves the skin’s elasticity. The second component involves radiofrequency waves emitted by the small needles as they’re inserted into the skin. This energy stimulates collagen production while simultaneously improving blood supply to the area, improving your skin’s structure. This treatment is best for patients who desire improvements to their acne scars.

WiQo PRX-T33 Facial

PRX-T22 WiQo BioRevitalization treatments have ingredients associated with traditional chemical peels, including 33% TCA and hydrogen peroxide. It combines a customized serum and a patented application process that goes deep down into the sub-dermal layers to clear the pores of debris, reduce oil production, and destroy acne-causing bacteria.

VI Peels

Our custom VI Peels use medical-grade chemical peels to treat a multitude of skin concerns, including acne and acne scars. VI Peels safely exfoliate and remove the top damaged layer of skin to improve the overall appearance of the epidermis. Using a custom blend of trichloroacetic acid, tretinoic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, and vitamin C, VI Peels reduce current breakouts and prevent future ones.

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