It’s an unfortunate truth that as we age, our skin loses its once youthful fullness and volume, leading to sagging skin, fine lines, and stubborn wrinkles on the face as well as around the eyes, nose, and mouth. At M Spa Face & Body, we offer the Juvéderm family of dermal fillers for efficient, minimally invasive solutions to fill up those areas of lost volume, restoring facial contours. The hyaluronic gel stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, adding volume and more elasticity back to the skin over time. Read on for everything you need to know about Juvéderm!


What is Juvéderm?


Juvéderm is composed of a smooth, soft gel containing hyaluronic acid, a compound found and made naturally in your skin that is responsible for keeping your skin plump, full, and hydrated. Juvéderm is formulated using HYLACROSS technology, which is what allows Juvéderm to create natural-looking results that are sturdy enough to create substantial lift with long lasting results.

How Is Juvéderm Administered?


Juvéderm is affectionately coined the “lunchtime” treatment because it only takes between 15-30 minutes to administer. Patients can get their treatments during their lunch breaks and return to work without any recovery time. During the procedure, the experts at M Spa Face & Body will determine the best placement and number of injections to maximize your results.


At M Spa, we also offer Juvéderm XC, which includes lidocaine, a local anesthetic, in the formula to help with discomfort. Juvéderm is administered using a very fine needle into specifically targeted locations where signs of aging are at their worst. Many patients report feeling minimal discomfort during their treatment. After your treatment, you are free to return home or back to work.


What Are the Benefits of Juvéderm?


With no down time, Juvéderm fillers are a non-invasive way to refresh skin’s appearance and reduce the signs of aging. Juvéderm injectables provide natural-looking results without restricting facial muscles.  Other benefits include:


  • Restore volume in the cheeks and lips to achieve a more youthful aesthetic
  • Reduce visibility of lines surrounding the eyes and mouth
  • Increase jaw and chin definition
  • Lift cheeks for greater definition
  • Restore facial contours and combat sagging skin
  • Lift eyebrows
  • Revitalize skin for a glowing complexion


How Often Will I Need Juvéderm Injections?


Everyone’s results are different because each body processes the hyaluronic acid different. However, patients tend to enjoy the benefits of their injections for between 6 to 24 months. This length of time is affected by multiple factors, such as the type of Juvéderm product used, the amount injected, and as previously mentioned, how quickly your body metabolizes the filler. As a result, the frequency of subsequent injections may differ from one person to another. Generally, though, touch-up treatments could be required from 9 to 12 months after the initial session.


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