With so many dermal fillers out there to choose from these days, it isn’t easy to decide which one is right for you. While it is essential to consult with a board-certified professional about your desired results and areas you’re trying to treat, here is a guide to dermal fillers that will help lead you in the right direction.

At M Spa Face & Body, we offer a wide variety of dermal fillers to help treat volume loss, early signs of aging, dynamic wrinkles, and even a stubborn double chin. Our philosophy is about natural rejuvenation with minimal downtime. Dr. Deborah Miller and Shauna McLaughlin, PA-C, employ proven, state-of-the-art techniques that deliver stunning results with safety and precision and perform all of their treatments themselves.


Songs will be written about Juvederm because of its stunning ability to restore facial volume to skin and lips. There aren’t many that can stand up next to Juvederm when it comes to injectables or dermal fillers. Juvederm is designed to restore volume to the face and soften the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. It’s composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the skin that keeps it strong, nourished, and healthy. It’s an ideal treatment for patients looking to correct frustrating wrinkles around the nose down to the mouth and marionette lines (the lines that go from the corners of the mouth down the chin).

Juvederm takes mere minutes to administer, but its results can last for up to 6 to 12 months. This non-invasive treatment also requires no downtime, so you’re free to go about your normal activities immediately after your procedure.


Restylane, similarly to Juvederm, can help to diminish the signs of aging in the face. With Restylane Silk, you can add subtle volume to the lips and smooth lines around them, while Restylane Lift lifts and volumize the cheeks and facial wrinkles. Or, achieve natural-looking results to laugh lines without losing flexibility in the face and maintain your natural expression with Restylane Refyne & Defyne.


Chin fat, also known as submittal fullness, can make you appear older and heavier than you actually are. It is also one of the most challenging areas to fix with diet and exercise alone. Enter Kybella, an injectable solution that reduces the fat underneath the chin without the invasiveness of surgery. It is the safe, non-surgical alternative to achieving a more youthful, shapely looking jaw with minimal recovery time. Kybella works by burning the fat cells under the chin. Once those cells have been burned away, they’re naturally processed and be removed by the body.

Dermal Fillers at M Spa Face & Body

So, whether you’re trying to restore volume to the face, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, burn away fat, or achieve a more seductive pout, the team at M Spa Face & Body is ready and available to help you achieve all of your aesthetic dreams.

To see which dermal fillers are right for you, contact MSpa Face and Body for a consultation today!