Few anti-aging solutions are as popular as dermal fillers. Cheek fillers serve as a particularly great way of reversing the appearance of aging without looking over-treated. But knowing when the right time is to undergo this treatment can be a challenge for even the savviest patient.

Why Dermal Fillers?

Aging is, unfortunately, inevitable. For some, aging comes in the form of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. For others, diminished collagen production combined with sagging mid-face skin creates the appearance of getting older.

Unlike other injectable anti-aging solutions like Botox and Dysport, fillers are made from hyaluronic acid – a naturally-occurring substance that helps skin cells retain moisture, aka volume. Our cosmetic experts can help restore youthfully plump cheeks and reverse the appearance of aging signs by strategically injecting dermal fillers to the mid-face

When is it Time to Get Cheek Fillers?

While almost any healthy adult can get dermal fillers, cheek fillers are best for patients who are showing the following signs of getting older:

  • Noticeable nasolabial folds (deep lines next to your mouth)
  • Cheekbones appear sharper
  • Missing definition around the cheek or jaw

What to Expect From your Cheek Filler

Ready to take the plunge? Here’s what to expect going into a cheek filler treatment:

The procedure is non-invasive

Dermal fillers are injected just below the skin with a thin needle, making them minimally invasive. Not only does this mean quick treatment time, but it also means that there’s virtually no recovery time. This fast treatment is easy to squeeze into even a hectic workday schedule.

Fillers are immediately noticeable, with results achieved within a few days

It’s normal to experience some swelling immediately after receiving dermal fillers. This can cause your cheeks to look bigger than intended for the first few days after treatment. However, this usually dissipates within about a week, revealing your new, naturally plump cheeks.

Cheek fillers can last anywhere from six months to two years

Several factors influence how long you can expect your dermal filler to last. These include:

  • Where your dermal filler is injected. Our experts will inject your filler into the spots that will restore your appearance, while also taking into account how long it can last in this area.
  • The type of filler being used. Some, like Juvederm’s Voluma formula, are specifically made to plump cheeks, resulting in a thicker formula that lasts much longer. We will recommend the options we feel will help you reach your goals.
  • How quickly your body metabolizes the filler material. Each patient will metabolize fillers differently, so it’s hard to say precisely how long you will retain the filler. Diet, exercise, and genetics have a role in this aspect.

Maintenance may be required

While dermal fillers for cheeks are thicker than other injectables, the treatment is still considered temporary. Expect to visit your Webster cosmetic specialist for touch-ups every few months to maintain your looks.

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