Acne blemishes and acne scars are troubling for many people. Usually beginning in the teens, this can be a decades-long battle with skin breakouts, painful redness, and confidence-crushing scars.

We understand that it often takes more than a topical acne treatment to cure and clear the skin. After acne clears, remaining textural and pigment changes are challenging to cover with makeup and last for years.

At M Spa Face and Body, we use acne laser technology to treat the problem 5 ways. Here’s how laser skin treatments could help brighten your look.

Why Does Acne Create Scars?

The p. acnes bacteria in your skin accumulates in pores blocked with sebum. There, small infections swell and create painful, red bumps known as acne. Because these can be deep, persistent, and even cystic, infections often reoccur in the same spots, and this skin trauma leads to scars.

Many people pick or squeeze their pimples as well, which can easily damage the skin.

Varieties of acne scars include:

  • Ice pick- deep, v-shaped indents
  • Rolling scars- flatter, covering larger areas, may be shiny or pigmented
  • Box- those that are indented and have pronounced edges, often where skin loss has occurred

The AeroLase LightPod Neo Acne Laser Treatment

We use the specialized AeroLase laser to treat the acne, which causes scars and reduce recurrence. This cutting-edge laser system also helps improve the look of acne scars, whether indented, pigmented, or raised.

  1. First, it targets the vessels surrounding sebaceous glands, where acne bacteria multiply. That thermal energy destroys bacteria, to address the root cause of blemishes and keep skin clear in the long run.
  2. A second approach to preventing acne is targeting the hair shaft and follicles, which then reduces sebum levels. Ingrown hairs are minimized, and less oil build-up means fewer clogged pores.
  3. One of the more troubling aspects of acne scarring is the unwanted textural irregularities. The thermal laser energy stimulates new collagen, which strengthens and smooths the skin surface to reduce indentations. Thus, remodeling collagen helps firm and repair texture from deep within.
  4. Variable settings allow us to target red and brown pigmented acne scars, to fade them rapidly without harming the surrounding skin.
  5. The Aerolase laser system is gentle, delivering a high-energy 1064nm wavelength in pulses of 650 microseconds. That makes it effective, yet safe for dark skin and all skin types.

What Is Laser Acne Scar Treatment Like?

One of the best features of this acne scar laser is that it feels gentle enough to where you can relax during your treatment.

Patients often lay back comfortably while the handpiece passes over the focus areas. Within just 30 minutes, the session may be complete. You’ll be free to return to your daily activities afterward.

There is no significant downtime or redness, swelling, or pain to worry about, making the treatment convenient to schedule.

Many patients see remarkable improvements after just 3-4 weeks. Still, we may advise multiple sessions to reduce significant scarring and produce the most dramatic results.

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