There are a few important factors that go into preserving beautiful and youthful skin. While most people know the importance of a good daytime skincare routine, evening skincare sometimes gets distilled down a simple face wash and moisturizer application.

However, enhancing your nighttime skincare routine can help skin recover after the wear and tear that comes with daily activity. Before you head to bed tonight, try adding these easy steps to your bedtime routine and skincare regimen.

Take a Drink…Of Water

While a glass of wine and chocolate may be a luxurious way of preparing yourself for bedtime, this nighttime habit may be doing more harm than good for your skin. Indulging in sugary or salty foods late at night can contribute to daytime puffiness and headaches. Instead, try swapping your cabernet sauvignon for a big glass of H2O. A glass of water before bed can help keep you hydrated while you sleep, keeping skin from drying out overnight.

Take a Load Off

Finding a way to relax isn’t just important for your mental health— your skin also benefits from moments of relaxation. Rather than scrolling on Instagram though, we recommend catching up on a new book or crossword. The bright lights from your phone or TV screens can strain your eyes, which can lead to puffy bags and dark circles come morning time.

Change Your Pillowcase

While this may seem more like a general hygiene suggestion, frequently changing your pillowcase can improve your skin. Over time, the fabric of your pillowcase collects natural oils and bacteria, reintroducing them to your skin while you sleep. Using a fresh pillowcase helps prevent this exposure while also limiting acne breakouts.

Grab an Extra Pillow

Sleeping with even a little elevation can significantly reduce fluid retention around your eyes as you sleep, along with morning puffiness. Need another reason to add a pillow? There is some evidence that sleeping on your back can help stave off signs of premature aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Keep it Cool

As the nights get cooler and we start to turn on our heaters and indulge in outdoor bonfires, it is normal for skin to start to dry out and feel tight. Nighttime dryness can lead to skin that looks dull and dried out during the day. To help keep skin cells hydrated, avoid overexposure to heaters and hot water. Instead, opt for cool water when showering or washing your face, and try adding a humidifier to your room at night to add a little more moisture to the air while you sleep.


When it comes to actual nighttime skincare, no habit is more vital than washing your face every night with a cleanser that works for your skin type. Dirt, makeup, oil, and other debris accumulate on your skin throughout the day. Using the right cleanser each night helps reset skin after a long day while also addressing the unique needs of your skin, leading to great skin every day.


Where a great cleanser excels at cleaning away dirt and debris, a good toner can remove any stubborn residue and close pores. By adding this easy step to your nightly routine, you’ll be on your way to smaller pores and tighter skin in no time.


Did you know that your skin is most permeable at night? This means that your nighttime moisturizer or night cream is even more effective when applied consistently. To make the most of this time and get brighter, plumper skin, opt for a hydrating evening moisturizer and eye cream.

Treat Yourself

If we can recommend a splurge, it would be on a good quality skin product. Thanks to increased skin permeability at night, your pre-bed skin ritual is the best time to test drive a new serum or indulge in a lengthier exfoliation treatment. Skinbetter Science®’s AlphaRet Overnight Cream and Exfoliating Peel Pads, along with SkinMedica®’s Instant Bright Eye Cream are great for any evening routine.


There’s no denying the importance of sleep – especially when it comes to physical health. Too few ZZZ’s can lead to increased stress and poor eating habits, factors that can have a domino effect on skin health by triggering acne breakouts and dullness. Getting enough sleep helps prevent these common issues from arising while simultaneously ensuring clearer, healthier skin.

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