The long, sunny days of summer mean we have more time for plenty of relaxation outside, hanging out with family and friends at the pool or maybe even planning a beach vacation. As much fun as it is to catch some rays and take full advantage of the season, you should also pace yourself and be proactive about how you protect your skin from the sun. 

What Causes Sun Damage?

If you think back to the last time you had a sunburn, it may have seemed like only a minor annoyance to you. However, every sunburn adds up to skin problems later in life. Sun damage is cumulative, which means the discoloration, wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines you see emerging in your 30s and 40s are likely just now catching up to you from your teens and 20s. 

The sun’s rays shine life-sustaining energy onto the face of our planet, allowing plants and animals to thrive. However, the sun also produces ultraviolet light that damages your skin, leading to the problem areas associated with premature aging and adding years to your appearance. Research shows UV exposure is the reason behind 80 percent of your skin’s aging.

What Can You Do to Prevent Sun Damage This Summer?

As you probably already know, putting on sunscreen is essential to protect your skin. However, sunscreen is only effective when you use it correctly. For example, if you put on sunblock, but only apply it once during a long day of sun exposure, that’s not going to be sufficient to keep you from getting sunburned. Sunscreen is also not going to be effective if you choose the wrong strength. 

To be smart about sun damage – not just this summer, but all year long – follow these tips:

  • Choose sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. 
  • Reapply it every two hours – more frequently if you have been swimming or sweating.
  • Use approximately enough sunscreen to fill a shot glass, and don’t overlook easily forgotten areas like your ears, the back of your neck and the tops of your feet.
  • Wear hats, sunglasses, and lightweight clothing made to be breathable and protect you from UV rays.
  • Seek the shade whenever possible. Bring an umbrella if you can, or look for a pavilion or mature tree you can get underneath.
  • Pick the right time of day to do outdoor activities. Try to avoid spending a prolonged time outside between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the UV rays are at their peak.
  • Even on overcast days, make sure to use sunscreen whenever you go outside. Remember this rule of thumb: Anytime there is daylight – including in fall and winter, when the sun is farther away from Earth’s Northern Hemisphere – you need to wear sunblock.
  • Avoid tanning beds. Just like natural sunlight, the artificial light these beds provide causes long-term skin damage and contributes to skin cancer.

Can You Reverse Sun Damage?

Our clients frequently ask us if they have options for rolling the clock back on years of accumulated sun damage. If you’re wondering the same thing, you’ll be excited to know the answer is a resounding yes. At M Spa Face and Body, our state-of-the-art Aerolase laser is the answer to a range of common skin care concerns, including aging related to sun overexposure. 

The Aerolase laser system has become a treatment many of our clients ask about by name because of its reputation for being such a safe, gentle option with no need for a lengthy recovery process. The laser delivers a high level of heat energy into the deep layers of the skin, stimulating your natural collagen production process for healing beyond the superficial level. Your result will be a tighter, smoother appearance without the unnatural “wind-tunnel” look many people understandably wish to avoid. 


Refresh and Renew

Whether you are interested in reversing sun damage with our cutting-edge Aerolase laser treatments, or you wish to explore our range of other non-surgical treatments for rejuvenating your skin, contact the skin care experts at M Spa Face and Body to schedule your private consultation. We are happy to provide long-lasting skin solutions to our clients in the greater Clear Lake, Texas, area.