Spring cleaning is in full swing here in Clear Lake, TX. We can’t help you organize your spice rack or scrub your grout, but if you need advice on cleaning your skin, M Spa Face and Body has you covered.

How can you get your skin ready for spring? We’ll teach you how to transition your skincare routine from winter to spring. Keep reading for our best seasonal skin tips.


During the winter, your skin put on a coat. We’re not talking about fluffy down, but rather a covering of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Exfoliation can remove this covering, revealing fresh, new skin. Exfoliation can be done at home using over the counter products or in the office with a laser treatment. If you need an at-home product recommendation, we’d love to recommend a high-quality exfoliator from one of our skincare lines, like SkinCeuticals. Just ask!

Switch Up Your Moisturizer

Winter is hard on the skin. Indoor heating dries it out while the harsh, wet air outside leaves it feeling chapped and irritated. During the winter, we recommend using a rich, creamy moisturizer. Come springtime, it’s time to transition to something lighter.

Choose a moisturizer that is still highly moisturizing, but lightweight and breathable. After all, your skin needs to heal and recover from the ravages of winter. Moisturize daily for best results.

Get in the Sunscreen Habit

Think sunscreen is only for summer? If you do, it’s time for a little education. UV rays can damage the skin every month of the year. Sun damage happens in January and March as well as June and July.

Many of our patients slack on the sunscreen, a habit that will inevitably lead to extra wrinkles. If you want your skin to look its best, we recommend sunscreen year-round.
If you’ve been lax on sunscreen in the past, we invite you to make a change starting now. Apply sunscreen every morning, rain or shine, spring, fall, winter, or summer.

Try Botox®

It’s amazing what a difference a little treatment can make. If you want to refresh your skin this spring, consider scheduling a Botox treatment. This injectable neurotoxin can relax stubborn wrinkles. Smile lines and frown lines alike can be treated with this quick, 15-minute treatment that requires no downtime.

It Isn’t Too Early to Start Thinking About Summer

Spring has only just sprung, but it’s time to start thinking about summer skincare too. If you’re hoping for laser hair removal before bikini season, we recommend scheduling treatments now. It takes time to achieve silky smooth legs. Most patients will need a series of treatments spaced several weeks apart for maximum results.

Spring is here. Take your skin from winter to spring with these simple tips. If you need advice during your seasonal skincare transition, call our Webster office at (281) 886-7006.