We all know that stress isn’t good for us. Studies over the years have shown how much stress can negatively affect nearly every aspect of our lives, ranging from our physical well-being to our mental and emotional health. Even common, everyday factors like a chaotic work environment, hectic home life, or changes to a routine can be enough to throw off a person’s sense of calm. While these stressors may seem minor, they can still impact your overall health – often starting with your skin.

The Science Behind Stress

Does your acne flare up when you are particularly stressed? Do you notice yourself pulling out hair during stressful times? Does your skin care routine take a backseat whenever you’re battling through an especially challenging week at work? You’re not alone. Thanks to new research, dermatologists are finding a closer link between mental health and skin health than we previously realized.

This phenomenon is in part due to the hormones released during stressful situations. In women, stress can increase levels of estrogen and cortisol – hormones that can overstimulate the skin’s oil production and trigger an acne outbreak. Over time, cortisol overproduction can suppress collagen and elastin production, which in turn can exacerbate signs of aging and skin dullness.

Stop Stressing out Your Skin

While these consequences may sound like an insurmountable challenge, there are plenty of tips and tricks for keeping the side effects of stress at bay. Consider these suggestions from our Clear Lake, TX, specialists.

Stay Consistent With Routines

Healthy habits like diligent skincare, a well-rounded workout routine, and a healthy diet are often the first to slip through the cracks when times get tough. However, these routines are instrumental in reducing the physical and mental impact of stress on the body and can provide a sense of control during uncertain times. As a result, we recommend sticking to your skincare regimen and making time for a thorough workout and nutritious meals when stressful situations come up.

Practice Saying “No”

Stress isn’t always the result of unforeseen circumstances. In some cases, the desire to support others can lead to us biting off more than we can chew and create a cascade of anxiety. Identifying your boundaries and communicating them to family, friends, and co-workers can help you feel more confident. Politely saying “no” can help keep requests from piling up, while still providing the opportunity to offer a helpful hand.

Adopt Stress-Management Techniques

There’s a reason so many health and wellness experts recommend breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation – they’re incredible stress-management tools that are easy to fit into even the busiest day! Integrating these techniques into your schedule can go a long way in helping take a break from a particularly stressful situation, allowing you to “reset” before tackling the next project.

Invest in You

Indulging in self-care is another great way to beat back stress. Professional skincare treatments can help counteract the physical effects of everyday stressors, while simultaneously building confidence in your appearance.

Get Started at M Spa Face and Body

At our Clear Lake aesthetic medical center, our mission is to help patients overcome signs of aging and the impacts of stress through individualized treatment plans. Through cosmetic skincare treatments such as injectables, microneedling, and laser skin therapy, our specialists can help you tackle the impact of everyday stressors while building your confidence. To learn more, call 281-886-7006 today and schedule your consultation.