Do you miss the fresh and radiant eyes that you enjoyed in your youth? Your eyes are likely not as bright or youthful as they once were— but although the years may have altered your appearance, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Replacing under eye volume may be what’s necessary to rejuvenate those under eye hollows. Our injectable treatments can accomplish that and more. Please read on to learn more about M Spa Face & Body’s under eye fillers or contact us today to schedule a personalized consultation.

Who Benefits with Injection Treatments?

Aging can noticeably affect the sensitive skin around your eyes, often resulting in sunken spots or dark circles beneath your eyes.

Conditions that many of our patients face include:

  • Eyes appear to be set deep inside their sockets
  • Significant volume loss in the cheeks, causing sagging under the eyes
  • The area around your under eye lids appears a shade of black, purple, or red
  • Dark circles appear under your eyes

These concerns can have people thinking you are tired or not feeling well. Patients often believe that these maladies are too far gone to be addressed without looking as if they’ve had work done. However, the results you seek do not have to be drastic— rather, subtle improvements can restore lost volume for more beautiful eyes.

Under Eye Treatments

At M Spa Face & Body, we offer many outstanding injectable treatments in our anti-aging repertoire, including therapy for under eye hollows and similar concerns. One of these is Restylane Lift, which is proven to target volume loss under the eyes.

Restylane Lift

Restylane is a complex sugar and protein molecule whose structure attracts considerable moisture to increase volume to the targeted site. A treatment session is relatively simple, taking only about 15 minutes. There is no anesthesia necessary and can be done during your lunch break. The results last approximately two years (this varies from patient to patient), and you can incorporate follow-up sessions to continue its effects. There is no recovery or downtime, although you may experience mild swelling for a day or two.

Why M Spa Face & Body?

With non-surgical cosmetic treatments trending, patients can take many avenues to resolve their aesthetic concerns without an operation. Unfortunately, injectors that are not qualified have flooded the market after limited training, in some cases after only a weekend training seminar. We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing an injector who is not only a medical professional but has extensive training and skill with injectable products.

Shauna Mclaughlin, a board-certified PA-C, has been administering dermal fillers and neuromodulators for over 15 years. She takes a conservative approach, first assessing your cosmetic concerns and looking for areas of subtle improvement. Shauna then employs a precise injection technique that produces safe and effective results.

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