With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, frequent handwashing and sanitizing have become some of the best ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. However, washing and sanitizing after nearly every interaction can have the unintended consequence of drying out the skin.

As the cold months approach, the change in weather combined with frequent hand washing can leave hands more vulnerable to dry skin issues such as itching, reddening, and cracking. Luckily, the skin specialists at M Spa Face and Body have you covered.

Try adopting one or more of these tips into your daily routine to manage and prevent dry skin!

Hydrate and Moisturize

Keeping skin appropriately hydrated is one of the most effective ways to manage dry skin, even during a pandemic. Drinking plenty of water helps provide skin cells with much-needed moisture from within, while high-quality moisturizers seal in water from the outside. Keeping a reusable water bottle and travel-sized moisturizer makes it easy to stay hydrated while away from home.

Go for Mild Solutions

While alcohol-based hand sanitizers and cleansers are highly effective for eliminating virus particles, frequent exposure can leave skin dried out and feeling tight. Consider using mild soaps at home to give hands a break from hand sanitizers offered at restaurants and stores. Search for soaps that have added oils or fats and are free of fragrances or alcohol – these will help add much needed moisture back into your skin.

Check the Water Temperature

Hot water sterilizes and destroys bacteria. So, it should kill off the coronavirus, right? Sort of. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you only need to scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds to reduce the spread of germs— regardless of hot water temperature. Scalding your hands every time you wash them is not only painful but can also exacerbate dry skin. Instead, try lukewarm or warm water to keep your hands clean without drying them out.

Be Gentle to Your Skin

Beyond opting for milder soaps and cooler water temperatures, consider pampering your hands during the day and at night. Wearing gloves while washing dishes or cleaning bathrooms can help block contact with solutions that can dry skin out. Likewise, using a heavier petroleum or oil-based moisturizer at night (cover your hands with gloves to prevent a mess) can not only pamper your hands but also help to seal in moisture.

Get More Skincare Tips from M Spa Face and Body

During these uncertain times, one thing remains the same – our commitment to our patients. Whether it’s skincare tips or developing long-term rejuvenation solutions, the experts at M Spa Face and Body are dedicated to helping our patients enjoy healthy, beautiful skin safely. For more tips for maintaining great skin from home, call and schedule a consultation with our team today!