From shampoos to scalp scrubs, there’s a plethora of options and products available to help combat hair thinning and hair loss. But among the many, many options out there, one oral supplement stands out from the crowd for actually getting the job done.

Nutrafol® is an oral supplement that uses natural vitamins and ingredients to improve hair growth and quality. But how exactly does it work?

What Is Nutrafol®?

The swallowable capsules not only contain the standard hair growth vitamins like biotic, but they also employ standardized botanical ingredients that help combat the issues associated with hair loss and weakness, like stress, aging, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, free radicals, and other additional factors. With ingredients like ashwagandha—an adaptogenic herb that helps decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol—and the inflammation-fighting curcumin that helps reduces inflammation that can disrupt hair growth, this powerhouse pill will go right to the root of the problem—literally, these ingredients strengthen the hair follicle to promote healthy hair growth.

Does Nutrafol® Really Work?

The brand has conducted years of research and has been clinically proven to target the triggers underlying hair loss, like stress hormones, as well as fight inflammation and free radicals to help support a strong immune system, optimal growth cycle, and improved circulation. These ingredients work to target the stressed and dormant hair follicle, the small, pocket-like holes in the skin where the hair grows from. Once the follicle is healed, the additional hair growth minerals, vitamins, and amino acids will help provide the necessary building blocks for healthy hair growth.

Can You Take Nutrafol® For Longer, Healthier, Faster-Growing Hair?

Yes! Nutrafol® ingredients are safe to take and essential for creating a balanced scalp environment. Outside of hair loss, if you are experiencing dull, dry, or brittle hair, then Nutrafol® can help. It provides the necessary ingredients to help rebalance and optimize the scalp, combat inflammation, free radicals, and improve circulation to help deliver nutrients as well as improve their diffusion. Some women and men don’t suffer from hair loss but use Nutrafol® as a preventative or to help achieve healthier, fuller, and faster-growing hair.

Nutrafol® at MSpa Face and Body

M Spa Face and Body is located in Webster, Texas. The renowned practice is led by Shauna McLaughlin, PA-C, and Deborah Miller, MD, two medical professionals who have been practicing medicine together since 2002. They not only have years of medical experience, but their artistry, skill, and empathy help them create balanced, long-lasting results. At M Spa Face and Body, you can trust that you’ll be provided real solutions to help combat real signs of aging.

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