The hectic holiday pace is over, and you could use something to look forward to. You’ve heard TV personalities enthuse about the fabulous new skin rejuvenation treatments with lasers that accomplish miracles: smoothing wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, shedding dullness, correcting anomalies, and even seeming to reverse any signs of aging. See these links if you’re excited to know more about state-of-the-art laser treatments and skin tightening. Keep in mind that using a winter month to rejuvenate your skin is more than just a good way to focus your indoor time, it affords optimal results. Here’s why you should plan on having your procedure performed during December through mid-March.

Recovery Time Is Fast, but Collagen-Building Takes Time

You’ll love how the warming laser energy can be virtually pain-free – although some patients prefer a little numbing – as it heats your skin down into its deepest layers. The procedure requires less than an hour out of your busy day. Even the minor swelling and redness lasts only a few days. You’ll see an admirable improvement right away, but the rapid-pulse micro-beams of the laser will reawaken some tired repair processes within your skin. After your treatment, deep tissues will get to work producing elastin – which helps your skin retain its youthful shape – and collagen, the fundamental protein that underlies skin structure. Gradually, you’ll notice your skin’s appearance growing smoother and firmer, your complexion radiant. So, if you schedule your procedure in the winter months, you’ll greet the spring with beautiful, vibrant skin that will last well into next fall.

You Can Avoid Sun Exposure More Easily in the Winter

There are two reasons staying out of the sun is essential. If your skin is tanned or darker than its normal shade, the risk of inaccurate laser settings increases, which, in turn, could result in skin damage. You shouldn’t have laser resurfacing treatments performed on darkened skin. (This precaution includes your skin’s appearance after the use of artificial tanning products.)

Secondly, it’s easy to occasionally forget sunscreen during the warmer months and inadvertently expose your skin to the sun on a quick trip to the store or unexpectedly dining outside at a restaurant. Laser resurfacing renders your skin far more sensitive to UV rays. We’ll ask you to limit sun exposure, wear protective clothing, and use sunscreen consistently before and especially after your treatment – which is, again, easier to do in the winter. Even minimal sun exposure while your skin is mending can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or undo your skin’s rejuvenation process. This means even though you look and feel perfectly normal, don’t assume it’s safe to leave off the sunscreen outdoors.

Get Glowing Skin in Time for Spring

So, when it’s cold outside and the UV index is low, relax indoors with a cup of something hot while your skin is rejuvenating itself to make you look refreshed and more youthful. 

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